Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Short film on Cycling : A green Initiative

I started working for Environmental Management Centre(EMC) , as a Photographer,, Videographer and Video Editor,  in July 2016. Their  consulting services are essentially strategic, knowledge driven and supported through research and training. EMC has made conscious efforts by establishing a networking platform called Ekonnect. EMC distinguishes itself from the commercial consulting world through practicing Ekonnect initiatives. 

I work for the Ekonnect platform. 

As part of the Sustainable Living Initiatives , I made a short film on Cycling. Cycling to work, Cycling for fun, and Group Cycling. 

I would like to add , that I have been doing lots of cycling right through the monsoon, and am now about to complete a month of cycling to and from  home to work, a total distance of 40 kms  , every day. I also do longer trips on weekends as part of the Powai Pedals Group. 

Making this short film was a fun activity for me.  The actual size of the film has been reduced so as to be within  limits prescribed  by  the Blogger  platform 


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