Saturday, 21 October 2017

Motion Graphics Information on Work.

Some examples of work done in Motion Graphics.  

This work was done for the EKonnect Foundation, the educational arm of Environmental Management Centre LLP (EMC LLP).  This consists of 6 modules . Each module highlights various types of  environmental degradation, with the assessment /test  in the final module . 

Softwares used here were Illustrator, AfterEffects and Premier Pro.

Unable to load videos here due to large file size. 

These are available for viewing   from my personal hard disk on request.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Sustainability : 7 Short Video lectures by Dr Prasad Modak.

I  videographed  7   lectures on Sustainability, by Dr Prasad Modak, and subsequently video/audio edited them into their final form as below.  During the initial period, I was majorly involved in the decision to buy various hardwares and softwares  and systems, required for the work.

 This was done on behalf of EKonnect Knowledge Foundation (EKF) , the educational arm of EMC , of which Dr Prasad Modak is the founder.

I would like to add here , that  all the lectures  were Videographed in-house, and  I was also involved in the purchase decisions for various hardware related to that work, particularly the audio work.

Lecture 1.

Introduction to the Sustainability Series of Lectures .

2.  Lecture 2

What is Sustainability : Part 1  by Dr Prasad Modak.

3. Lecture 3

What is Sustainability : Part 2 by Dr Prasad Modak.

4.  Lecture 4 :

Does CSR make a business case ?   by Dr Prasad Modak.

5.   Lecture 5  :

Sustainability in Tiers  . by Dr Prasad Modak

6. Lecture 6 :

Product Design for Sustainability: Part 1  By Dr Prasad Modak.

7.  Lecture 7 :

Product Design for Sustainability :  Part 2  by Dr Prasad Modak

Highlights of Integrated Solid Waste Mngmt Course

The Ekonnect Knowledge Foundation, the educational arm of EMC  conducts various courses . One such was the Integrated Solid Waste Management Course Using Project Case Work Approach.

It was conducted over the course of a week at K . J. Somaiyya College, Vidyavihar,  for a week, and included field visits to the H ward (West)  solid waste processing section of MMC at Bandra.

The entire Videographing, and subsequent Video/Audio Editing was done by me .  You can view the  final highlights of the course, as prepared by me,  in the video below.

All work done by me since July2016 at EMC has been uploaded in august 2017 in this  portfolio blogsite.

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Short film on Cycling : A green Initiative

I started working for Environmental Management Centre(EMC) , as a Photographer,, Videographer and Video Editor,  in July 2016. Their  consulting services are essentially strategic, knowledge driven and supported through research and training. EMC has made conscious efforts by establishing a networking platform called Ekonnect. EMC distinguishes itself from the commercial consulting world through practicing Ekonnect initiatives. 

I work for the Ekonnect platform. 

As part of the Sustainable Living Initiatives , I made a short film on Cycling. Cycling to work, Cycling for fun, and Group Cycling. 

I would like to add , that I have been doing lots of cycling right through the monsoon, and am now about to complete a month of cycling to and from  home to work, a total distance of 40 kms  , every day. I also do longer trips on weekends as part of the Powai Pedals Group. 

Making this short film was a fun activity for me.  The actual size of the film has been reduced so as to be within  limits prescribed  by  the Blogger  platform 


Saturday, 19 September 2015

TCTD Introduction Video Work

Between May and September 2015 I worked as a Photographer and Videographer for the Tata Centre for Technology and Design at IITB .

This was the period when the Centre  would be commemorating the completion of its first year , and I was asked to conduct video interviews of Faculty and also videograph and photograph various project works and labs in action.

The Design Associate Senior  put it all together, the raw footage being solely clicked by me .

Waste management Video : Shooting/Scripting Videography

This is a Waste Management Video, that I shot for , and even scripted  , for the Tata Centre for Technology and Design @IITB  between  May and July 2015.

Editing, organizing voiceovers, incorporating them, done on demand, as required. Includes major on-site outdoor videography done during monsoon.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

My Cinematography : "The Dirty Movie...."

"The Dirty Movie....", my first experiment with filming a movie with my Canon DSLR 11ooD, was all about the dirt one sees in Mumbai.

Then learning to edit it, making mistakes , failing, succeeding.