Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Short film on Cycling : A green Initiative

I started working for Environmental Management Centre(EMC) , as a Photographer,, Videographer and Video Editor,  in July 2016. Their  consulting services are essentially strategic, knowledge driven and supported through research and training. EMC has made conscious efforts by establishing a networking platform called Ekonnect. EMC distinguishes itself from the commercial consulting world through practicing Ekonnect initiatives. 

I work for the Ekonnect platform. 

As part of the Sustainable Living Initiatives , I made a short film on Cycling. Cycling to work, Cycling for fun, and Group Cycling. 

I would like to add , that I have been doing lots of cycling right through the monsoon, and am now about to complete a month of cycling to and from  home to work, a total distance of 40 kms  , every day. I also do longer trips on weekends as part of the Powai Pedals Group. 

Making this short film was a fun activity for me.  The actual size of the film has been reduced so as to be within  limits prescribed  by  the Blogger  platform 


Saturday, 19 September 2015

TCTD Introduction Video Work

Between May and September 2015 I worked as a Photographer and Videographer for the Tata Centre for Technology and Design at IITB .

This was the period when the Centre  would be commemorating the completion of its first year , and I was asked to conduct video interviews of Faculty and also videograph and photograph various project works and labs in action.

The Design Associate Senior  put it all together, the raw footage being solely clicked by me .

Waste management Video : Shooting/Scripting Videography

This is a Waste Management Video, that I shot for , and even scripted  , for the Tata Centre for Technology and Design @IITB  between  May and July 2015.

Editing, organizing voiceovers, incorporating them, done on demand, as required. Includes major on-site outdoor videography done during monsoon.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

My Cinematography : "The Dirty Movie...."

"The Dirty Movie....", my first experiment with filming a movie with my Canon DSLR 11ooD, was all about the dirt one sees in Mumbai.

Then learning to edit it, making mistakes , failing, succeeding.  

My Cinematography : "Save Today, For Tomorrow"

Another very short film , "Save Today, For Tomorrow " , where I was cinematographer and editor. Once again using my DSLR Canon 1100D. On the subject of domestic wastage of water. And its awareness.

My Cinematography : Paudha

In an effort to widen the scope  of my learning, and learn new techniques, I participated  in the making of the short film  "Paudha"  ,  shot on actual location, indoors and outdoors . 

"Paudha"   , was filmed  and edited entirely and solely  by me, on my Cannon DSLR 1100D .  This film , dealing with what a child needs most of all,  was showcased at the Short Film Showcase Program on SAAM TV during Divali 2014.

My cinematography has been acknowledged in the credits.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

My Audio & Video Editing Work

Series of sounds like gas passing into a bottle/can, pouring of water in bottle/can and dropping of marble in bottle/can. This video was created by my colleague and I did the audio editing for it.

Ocean simulation in Blender using nodes.

Did this entire video of Netra 3D trailer including the video shooting, audio editing and post processing in Adobe Premier Pro which was presented at the T4E conference in December 2014.

Did this trailer video for IITBombayX which is related to MOOC (Massive Online Open Course). Software used are Photoshop, Camtasia Studio and After Effects.

This video is based on sugarcane farming which is currently in process. I had to lineup the storyboard images and convert it into a video. Software used was Camtasia Studio.